The Services offered by Crystal Education Services

Strategy and policy development

We can undertake reviews of existing strategies, policies and procedures to help ensure:

  • they meet organisational vision, mission statement, aims and objectives;
  • ensure documentation is fit for purpose, accessible and facilitates operational implementation of policies;
  • work with clients so that all regulatory requirements are embedded into an organisation’s strategy and operational activities.

Based on such reviews we can:

  • propose strategic level changes;
  • propose operational actions to facilitate such changes;
  • develop fit for purpose policies and procedures.

National Occupational Standards

We can provide consultancy support that will:

  • review current qualifications to ensure appropriate and adequate coverage of the relevant National Occupational Standards;
  • propose changes post review to syllabus content to address identified gaps;
  • develop awarding organisation standards based on the relevant National Occupational Standards and other key benchmarks.

Based on such consultancy support, we can:

  • provide entire suites of National Occupational Standards across a range of sectors, tailored to the needs of the host nation;
  • deliver training programmes to develop and enhance the capacity of organisations and na.ons seeking to develop their own system of National Occupational Standards.

Qualification design and development

We can review existing portfolios to help ensure:

  • full compliance with Ofqual Conditions of Recognition;
  • the portfolio is contemporary for the target market;
  • the curriculum is contemporary for the subject area;
  • the assessment strategy accurately reflects the syllabus it is testing;
  • all assessment tools and platforms adequately test the relevant learning outcomes and criteria.

Based on such reviews we can:

  • propose amendments to the balance of qualifications within a portfolio;
  • propose changes to curriculum content;
  • propose changes to assessment strategies and tools / platforms.

We can provide consultancy support to undertake:

  • market research on behalf of awarding organisations and employers to inform qualification development;
  • development of validation documents in support of curriculum and qualification reviews and/or creation.

Based on such consultancy support, we can:

  • build platforms of knowledge and standards to underpin curriculum and qualifications development;
  • provide support for organisations seeking to build their own capacity in this area.

We can develop qualifications which are:

  • demand driven;
  • sector focused;
  • appropriately benchmarked;
  • meet an awarding organisation’s requirements.

Based on such developments, we can:

  • facilitate the development or reviews of existing qualifications;
  • support capacity-building for organisations seeking to support their own qualification development teams;
  • provide monitoring and evaluation for organisations with limited experience of their own.

Training and development

We can support the training and development function by:

  • designing and delivering training programmes (subject specific or train- the-trainer) to meet the identified demands of different nations;
  • achieve professional body recognition for such training programmes;
  • designing and delivering bespoke programmes and / or master classes / workshops to meet employer and/or market demand of different nations and organisations;
  • designing and delivering teacher training programmes resulting in the award of regulated and internationally recognised qualifications;
  • designing and delivering workshops on assessment, quality assurance and standards.

Based on such training, we can:

  • meet the training and development needs of stakeholders in education;
  • support the continuous professional development of teachers, managers and other practitioners;
  • build the education training capacity of organisations and nations;
  • facilitate the development and delivery of bespoke training programmes and events that meet the needs of different countries and organisations.


We can conduct education focused research:

  • on behalf of organisations to meet bespoke requirements;
  • in advance of qualification development;
  • to measure the success of interventions;
  • to develop alternative strategies and applied models of education intervention and run focus groups on behalf of clients with full analysis of findings.

Based on research practice, we can:

  • develop platforms of knowledge and understanding to underpin educational development activities and projects;
  • build the capacity of stakeholders involved in educational development activities and projects to undertake their own research activities;
  • provide monitoring and evaluation for organisations with limited experience of their own.