Case Studies from Crystal Education Services

In recent years the following commissions have been undertaken by Crystal’s consultants on behalf of various clients including government ministries, regulators and Awarding Organisations.

Colombia SA

Crystal’s team of consultants were contracted to deliver consultancy support for the development of a system for national qualifications, including:

  • an exploration of possible levels of qualifications and level characteristics;
  • the organisational structure for different sectors and ideas for qualifications of different sizes;
  • ways of aligning and standardising current provision with a possible framework;
  • the issue of regulation and accreditation and the roles and responsibilities for regulating and accrediting provision;
  • curriculum development for three pilot sectors including preparation and delivery of full staff development programme.

In addition, a review of current provision was carried out, identifying and advising on job analysis structures (DACUM format), best practice in different sectors, examining the political, economic, social and technological influences at work as well as the currently perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats affecting each sector. The team developed quantitative and qualitative data in order to inform workshops and determine best practice in order to produce an outline skills framework.


Consultants undertook a review and verification of 40 National Occupational Skill Standards (NOSS) and related curricula developed by the client in a systematic and logical way against international occupational standards. The work included:

  • comparison of the in-country National Qualifications Framework and NOSS against similar Qualifications Frameworks;
  • editing of the 40 NOSS where necessary;
  • development of appropriate standards for certification of new curricula;
  • certification of 40 new curricula;
  • amendments to initial curricula materials;
  • development and delivery of teacher training linked to the new curricula.

United Kingdom

Working with an UK Awarding Organisation  the team were contracted to prepare and quality assure assessment materials for L4, L5 and L6  Business/Services and Community qualifications L5, L6 and L7 qualifications in Business, as well as new qualification suites at Levels 5 and 7. Crystal’s consultants were commissioned by representatives of an international client to develop and review on-line and
e-assessment materials for new in-country curricula in the services sector.

Crystal has also written workbooks for employability skills courses as well as contributing to GCE textbooks in Business. Consultants have contributed to the development of apprenticeships and written training manuals for a charitable foundation to help develop staff skills.


A team of Crystal’s consultants was contracted to manage and deliver a number of bespoke training programmes, including development and delivery of:

  • a support workshop for development of 21st century skills for 60 teachers from 10 pilot centres across Beijing;
  • teacher training courses;
  • master trainer programme to develop trainers in the delivery of PISA support programmes;
  • STEM workshops for Primary Schools.

The team also contributed to a handbook of vocational education for China and helped clients prepare bids for vocational education tenders in the Shanghai area.


A team of Crystal’s consultants was contracted to manage and deliver master trainer programme to develop trainers in the delivery of PISA support programmes for:

  • Reading;
  • Science;
  • Collaborative Problem Solving.