Crystal Education Services is a successful international education consultancy that provides curriculum services, training and advice to:

  • regulatory bodies;
  • awarding organisations;
  • schools across the primary and secondary phases;
  • colleges and universities;
  • adult independent learning – both informal and formal;
  • employers;
  • education ministries;
  • trade associations;
  • and sector bodies.

Crystal’s recent consultancy work includes assisting clients in their bids, for example in Georgia, Malaysia, Ghana and the USA. It has led development of academic and vocational qualifications as well as innovative apprenticeships, and worked with large corporates and subject associations as well as leading educational charities. Crystal’s consultants have written vocational qualifications for awarding organisations in the UK, as well as contributing to supporting text books and teacher resources.

In addition to its consultancy services, Crystal’s team of consultants lead a wide range of interactive workshops on, for example, vocational courses, curriculum development and national occupational standards, as well as train-the-trainer courses, including teacher-training, 21st Century skills, PISA and STEM, in various countries across the world, for example in Azerbaijan, China, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Turkey.

These workshops and courses are delivered both face to face and online and are highly rated by participants. Crystal’s aim is to be ‘crystal clear’ in its advice and work with stakeholders who are at the cutting edge of the change agenda. Through this approach, Crystal shares its vision of improving learning and teaching and giving opportunities for learners to progress at every stage in their lives.

The company has carried out audits on vocational provision in countries such as Colombia and Romania and has led on the development of National Qualification Frameworks and National Occupational Standards in a number of countries. In addition, some of Crystal’s team have worked closely with Ofqual on the review of assessment and performance standards, including the recent review of provision to Tier 4 learners.

Crystal has also written and managed the development of online tests for Vocational and Occupational qualifications, both in the UK and internationally. It has provided expert consultancy advice to Ofqual and AOs on GCE and GCSE re-developments in a number of subject areas in England. Since its formation in 2012 Crystal has worked on over 150 contracts.